Time Study

This is how fast it is

First Culture

It is approx. 1 ha with more than 6000 trees planted.

The size of the trees is from about step height and up. 5 years old. Half of them are from navel to breast height. I did as I usually do with repairs and tweaking clips all around, quite a bit plain. branch straighteners and 126 brand new toppii plates. Time passed with it and 1 go long phone conversation with brother, once pickup of toppii record at home in the garage. Distance 2 x 100 m with wheelbarrow and a small drinking break.

A total of 2.5 hours.

Other Culture

The culture here is about 2.2 ha. Approx. 12000 pcs. Nordmann Christmas trees left after the lowering took theirs. The trees here are 7 years old and somewhat scattered in size due to weak soil and start. But there is shown a good average in about good navel height.

Experience from yesterday so we can get some speed up: Trying here to prepare it a little better so I do not have to go out with a wheelbarrow. Has developed a better prototype pocket for the toppii plates. It can contain approx. 30. stk. The trees need a little more for mowing to minimize the number of scrap trees.

Facts 412 pcs toppii plates and 6.5 hours in total.

Experience so far:

Much faster to handle the design of the Christmas trees and top branch wreath. If you can get away with it, use Toppii instead of branch straighteners. The branch dishes can be used to control the toppii plate. Toppii can be used to distance judge for cutting the branches the right length.

And not least, there are not so many difficult decisions to be made so that everyone can participate. Only on with Toppii.