Christmas trees that can be sold at the right price


Your guarantee good quality trees

At Toppii Trees, you get Danish Christmas trees that have been cared for and cared for from planting to felling according to new and old principles. We cut and fine-tune, and are past the tree over 40 times during its lifetime. With us, you do not get the cheapest Christmas trees, but you get Christmas trees in a fantastic quality, which you can resell at a better price.

Norwegian spruce for Christmas Eve

We grow Nordmann’s Christmas trees, which are Christmas trees we see in most European and Danish homes when we celebrate Christmas Eve in the lap of the family. We supply Christmas trees for families who appreciate a real traditional Christmas tree with all its decorations.

We currently have around 12000 -15000 trees for sale with a slight expansion going forward to around 20,000 trees in good quality primarily for export in Europe.

We sell narrow, slim and dense Christmas trees in good quality

You get:

Christmas trees in price ranges from standard to prime at a height of 1.5 – 3 meters

Delivery on time

Trees that have been carefully cared for – both during harvest and transport

Toppii Trees sells Christmas trees in both Denmark and the rest of Europe to:

  • Buyers
  • Wholesalers
  • Stadehandlere
  • Nurseries
  • Construction markets
  • Florists

… And to everyone else who sells Christmas trees directly to the end consumers.

Christmas trees since 1993

At Toppii Trees, we have been growing Christmas trees for almost 30 years. We make a virtue out of taking proper care of the trees so that they end up out with the end customers in the best quality. We want to sell trees to the end customers who are quality-conscious with a price-conscious product that matches their wishes.


Prima is our closest wood with a harmonious and conical exclusive expression. The tree for the customer who appreciates every detail of the experience of the family gathering place.


Standard is for the family with the slightly more price-conscious choice. The wood is still harmonious and in good quality but in a more open and layered expression. The decoration stands out more and together it stands neat and nice. The minor beauty deviations that are tolerated here glide easily into the background.

3rd sorting

3rd sorting is a Mix of trees that lie outside the other two sortings. This is aimed at the tolerant family who price-consciously looks through the fingers with minor irregularities and likes a slightly more open and stacked tree. There are no actual quality requirements for the sorting, but we thought it should be called standard light so everyone can see a sensible tree in this purchase.

Growing Christmas trees with both old and new methods

In production, we use new and old reputable methods. It is important for us to protect the environment as much as possible with the latest cultivation methods. Our properties are located on a light sandy soil, which contributes to slowly growing and dense trees with the right fertilizer and care.

We develop new tools and methods for Christmas tree cultivation, which have been well received in the industry. We also use these ourselves, and in production we focus on the intensive cultivation with bottom cutting and shape cutting to ensure dense, slender and marketable Christmas trees.

Delivery of Christmas trees

We sell ab space and deliver most of our trees on large CT pallets with our own packaging plant

We ensure a gentle and safe transport of the freshly felled Christmas trees

We have a partner who can help get the Christmas trees up and running

We can send other products from Toppii in the same order

There is the option of half pallets and sharpening at a small extra cost

Contact us

We take inspections of the cultures and a starting point for an on-site trade, so we look forward to your visit. We periodically have the opportunity to offer accommodation near Hadsund to our customers who come from far and wide.

We spend our time in the trees, so feel free to contact us by email or phone after kl. 16.30 on weekdays. On the weekends we are always fresh for a chat.

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