Toppii disposable fork 5mm BLACK

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Sold in boxes of 1000 pcs.
Fork for branching branches on larger trees.
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Fork for direction of branches in 2 branch wreath on bigger trees up to 200 cm.

The Toppii fork is a newly developed and design protected fork solution.
Unfortunately, we all have a number of Christmas trees with defects in the branch wreaths with upright branches in the culture and these defects can be remedied with this tool throughout the year.

It is made of wood, so it disappears in the culture if you drop it.

Toppii wooden forks are made of wood and become weaker when dampened and can therefore bend under too much pressure and too strong branches. So bent forks may occur. These should be replaced when you get past the trees again.

The Toppii fork is intended for a second branch wreath for adjusting the branch direction in the Christmas trees.

It is fitted with forks at the ends so that it can be inserted between the trunk and branch on the upper side. Thereby it is now a spacer and you can with only one tool per. branch place the branch in the position from the trunk you want. Then you do not have to pull down with many branch straighteners or string with the risk of raising the underlying branch ring.

It weighs only approx. 15 grams and has a size that is easy to carry in your pocket with the scissors.

The Toppii fork is intended as a disposable product. If it is not too affected by wind and weather when you take it off, nothing happens by reusing it.

The fork gives marks in the bark.

You take it off before harvest.

Go enjoy it.

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Weight 20 kg

1000pcs. (1 box) 100 øre pr. PCS, 6000 pcs. (1/2 pallet) 95 øre pr. PCS., 12000 pcs. (1 pallet) 90 øre pr. PCS