Toppii Branch Adjuster

Newly developed and design protected unique fork solution

Toppii branch dishes with newly developed and design protected unique fork solution

Unfortunately, we all have quite a few Christmas trees with bugs in the second branch wreath with upright branches in the culture and these bugs can be remedied with this tool this spring.

Toppii branch dishes are developed to have several options for adjustment and branch direction in Christmas trees with defects in 1 and 2 branch wreaths.

It has, as we all know, namely out millings intended to gather branches so that the wood becomes more harmonious. The tool can therefore also be used as normal. branch dishes in July-August for the usual branch direction tasks that we usually do.

In addition, it is now, as something completely new, fitted with forks at the ends, so that it can be inserted between the trunk and branch on the upper side. Thereby it is now a spacer and you can with only one tool per. branch, place the branch in the position desired from the stem. Then you do not have to pull down with many branch straighteners or string with the risk of raising the underlying branch ring.

Here there are several opportunities for value additions in the culture.

It weighs only approx. 10 grams and has a size that is easy to carry in your pocket with the scissors.

It is dimensioned for ordinary not too large branch thicknesses.

The fork gives marks in the bark.

The equipment is removed before harvest.

Go enjoy it.