Cut down your own Christmas tree in Hadsund

and have a nice day together in nature

Get a Danish Christmas tree that is cared for and cared for from planting to felling according to new and old principles. We are past each Christmas tree over 40 times during its lifetime, and promise you a slim and straight Christmas tree in Norway spruce for Christmas Eve.

Fell-yourself Christmas trees in Hadsund
– close to Aalborg and Randers!

Christmas tree felling is both a cozy and corona-safe activity with the family this Christmas. On our property by Hadsund we have 30 hectares with Christmas trees and beautiful nature. Take a walk around our forest lake, pack a packed lunch and take children and grandparents on a wonderful day out in nature.

Visit us during the Christmas days at Glerupvej 55, 9560 Hadsund. We have good parking conditions away from busy road.

Note: Remember your own saw and scissors!

Opening hours:

Saturday d. December 5 – at 09-16
Sunday d. December 6 – at 09-16
Saturday d. December 12 – at 09-16
Sunday d. December 13 – at 09-16
Saturday d. December 19 – at 09-16
Sunday d. December 20 – at 09-16

Have some nice hours in nature

In Glerup by Hadsund we have lots of beautiful nature. Maybe you are lucky enough to see a hare or some deer. You can take a walk around the lake and sit on a bench and eat your packed lunches.

When you come out, you can choose from several different Christmas trees, depending on height and density.

When buying a Christmas tree, you can cut nobilis for your own consumption if you bring your own scissors.

Prices for Christmas trees that you cut yourself are from 60, – to 350, –


Take children and grandparents under your arm, pack a food basket and have some cozy hours together with felling the Christmas tree for the big day of the year.

Our Christmas trees are in Norway spruce and are beautiful, slender and straight.

Christmas trees since 1993

At Toppii Trees, we have been growing Christmas trees for almost 30 years. In production, we use both new and old reputable methods to create the most beautiful, slender and dense Christmas trees. It is important for us to protect the environment as much as possible with the latest cultivation methods. Our properties are located in light sandy soil, which contributes to slow-growing and dense trees.

Would you rather have the wood delivered?

Get a beautiful Christmas tree from Hadsund delivered right to your door and avoid the hassle of felling yourself.

You can choose between:


Choose our densest and most beautiful wood with a harmonious and cone-shaped, exclusive expression. Our prima trees are cared for and cared for according to all the rules of art, so it looks most beautiful for Christmas Eve.

Prima yellow 250-300 cm

Price: 450, – + 275, – i delivery

Prima pink 200-250 cm

Price: 300, – + 225, – in delivery

Prima red 175-200 cm

Price: 250, – + 225, – in delivery

Prima orange 150-175 cm

Price: 175, – + 175, – delivery

Prima light

Choose our harmonious wood in good quality, but in a more open and layered expression than our excellent model. The tree looks nice and beautiful for Christmas Eve.

Prima light yellow star 250-300 cm

Price: 350, – + 275, – in delivery

Prima light pink star 200-250 cm

Price: 250, – + 225, – delivery

Prima light red star 175-200 cm

Price: 200, – + 225, – delivery

Buy your Christmas tree now

Buy your Christmas tree by filling out the contact form below.


Pay with MobilePay on no. 287292 in connection with ordering and notes in the form, which number you have paid with, whether you have chosen Prima or Prima Light and the size of the tree.

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