Used for HiKOKI® 18 volt battery drills and other machines with screw threads in the battery base.
The set contains a bracket part for fastening in a belt / trouser waistband or pocket as well as 2 mounting parts and 2 screws. If the hanger part is put in a pocket, it is quick to disassemble again with one hand, while it locks more firmly in a belt or waistband. Both mounting parts can be attached to the same machine, so you can freely transport, carry and use it on the right and left side of the body, or used on 2 separate machines on the favorite side – right or left. The bracket part is also equipped with 2 screw holes for mounting on boards or other places where fast and safe tool operation is desired.
QuickTool is a newly developed and patented holding system for hand-held and compressed air tools.
QuickTool is Made in Denmark – developed, tested and produced by professionals for professionals, craftsmen, fitters and quality and safety-conscious do-it-yourself people at their own factory in Thy. The material is robust nylon both with and without fiber reinforcement.

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Weight 1 kg